Friday, May 30, 2008

Tina is Moved In!

For the past two days now, Tina, friends and family, have been moving her household items back into her Mobil Home.

The Carpet was installed Wednesday afternoon, and the City inspection was completed also on Wednesday. That was the "Green Light" she has been waiting for. So a load went over on Wednesday evening and has continued until today. This being Friday evening, there are still a few items that she is contemplating if she needs them or not.

Tomorrow morning I am going to the Oreck vacuum store to purchase my carpet cleaning supplies. Then over to Tina's to put together the last bed together. (There is a story about this bed) Now this isn't just the run of the mill single bed. It's a Futon bunk bed. All made of metal tubing. In a hundred pieces. Well maybe not a hundred pieces, but allot!

When I disassembled the bed I put most of the bolts in a safe place. I say most because I somehow left some of them on her kitchen counter. I called her the night I discovered that I left them so she would not "Misplace" them.

So.....she didn't misplace them, in fact the ones she kept are the only ones we can find! Man O Man! I guess I really did it this time! I really put the bolts I had in a safe place because I can't even find them! Dang it anyway... I guess I'm getting the CRS again.

So I guess I'll have to get the bed put together as much as I can with what bolts I have, then measure and count how many I'm missing. I guess I'll be making a trip to Lowe's also before this job is done.

Well it's going to be a very busy Week end again. At least I don't have to worry about getting bored.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Tires for Tina

First thing this morning, after Tina got the kids off to school, we drove down to Belle Tire to purchase new tires.

She let me drive and before I got 200 feet down the street I was shocked at the amount of wobble in the front. She said it's been going on for a week now. WOW....I didn't know it was so bad. Plus the car was pulling to the right. So I told her that we will be needing a front end alignment. She was very concerned on the total cost, I told her I would expect just a little over $500.00.

Walking in she asked me to do the talking. So I said sure but she needs to listen to our conversation and if she doesn't understand anything to speak up right away so the sales man and I can explain it to her.

She understood it all and agreed with the tire price and alignment. Total bill came to just under $500.00. Not too awful bad seeing she now has lifetime maintenance on them, and they are rated for 70,000 miles.

From there she drove me to her home where I took a couple pictures of the new concrete. Nice! Clicking on any picture will take you to our photo album web site, so you can see all our photos. Just click the "Back" arrow in the upper left corner of your web browser to return here.

Give me a shout in the shout box on the right side of this page. Introduce yourself if you wish or just leave a comment. I really would like to hear from you.

Until another adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Concrete is poured.

Angel came over to the house today around 4pm saying Tina's Concrete is done! Wow....yesterday there weren't any forms down and today it's done along with a few other Mobil Homes. I guess if you have a large enough crew allot of concrete can be put down in a short time.

Tina had to go over with the kids and take a look before supper. When she returned I asked her if it looked ok. Her answer: "It looks great, there is so much more than what I had at the other Mobil Home park". She said that she even let each of the kids put there hand print in it. Of course it was at the back corner so she won't get into any trouble.


So that means Sunday it can be walked on. I'm guessing this holiday weekend we will be busy taking some of her things back to her place from my garage. There is still some minor repairs that needs my attention.

Her carpet is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday. She can hardly wait, she is so excited. With her painting all the rooms, new carpet, and now in a new Park, she said it will be like moving in a brand new Mobil Home.

Tina has tomorrow off from work, and so do I! So I'm going to tag along with her to Belle Tire. They are having a 4 day super sale and she is in need of 4 new tires on her car. I'm only going to answer any questions she may have, letting her make the choice of which brand of tire to purchase. I believe this will be the best way for her to get experience.

After that we will probably swing past her home so I can take a few pictures. Tomorrow hopefully I'll post them.

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tina’s Carpet & Angel’s BBQ Grill

Today was not the happiest for poor Tina. She was so looking forward to having her new carpet installed in her Mobil Home. When the company arrived to install the carpet they told her that she needed to remove the old carpet, that they would re-schedule her installation.

What a let down for her. She started working on removing the carpet with the help of a friend. Worked on it all day and by 6pm all the old carpet was out at the curb waiting for the trash pickup which is tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for that.

When I got home from work I headed over to Dad's with his Birthday card. He invited us out to dinner, so I called Wilma at home. She was in the "wind down mode" and had her PJ's on. She declined to go to dinner but told me to go with my parents and have a good time. Which I did.

The dinner was so so, but I did enjoy spending time with Mom & Dad. He now has hit the ripe ol age of 81. Really getting bothered because he finds he can't do as much as he could when he was in his 20's. Go figure huh?

After our dinner I returned home, grabbed a few tools and headed to Angels home to finish assembling her BBQ Grill. I thought I only needed to hook up the LP tank but found that there was more assembling of the grill that needed to be done. Angel and I worked on it for about an hour and a half. Got it all assembled and moved it out to her deck to hook up the LP tank. I showed her how easy it was to hook up after she commented that she gets nervous around all gas appliances. I hope she won't be intimidated by it. I had her lite the grill and turn it off. This way she knows the proper steps. She needs to do a "pre burn" before any cooking. I explained why to her so she doesn't forget.

She is really looking forward to using it often this summer.

8:30pm and I'm home for the night. A little upset with myself because I didn't take the camera with me to take some pictures of Tina's carpet and Angel's BBQ Grill. Maybe next time.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flower Planting Day & the Storm

Saturday, May 17th.
This day has been declared by Na-Na as the official flower planting day!
So what that means is ALL HANDS OUTSIDE TO HELP. All hands meaning the Grand kids and Pa.
The weather was perfect, low 70's. The kids had a great time helping Na-Na and Pa, and at the end of the day all flowers were planted and accounted for.

Here you can see Rebecca and Savannah planting flowers.

Here is Pa showing Dakota what a Grub looks like and the damage they do.


And at the end of the day....WOW were the "troops" tired!

Actually this was a posed shot but I really felt bushed! And you can tell the girls had their favorite seat in the living room.

When the Mobil Home is ready to move in I'm going to miss my evenings with the grandkids for sure! These past 4 weeks have been fun being around Tina's kids. And I'm sure they are enjoying spending their time with Nana and Pa also.


Saturday around 7:30pm the weather alert came across the TV screen.

We were under a severe Thunderstorm warning with damaging 60 mile per hour winds expected. WOW!!!

By 8pm it was windy, but didn't seem too severe. Then at 8:15pm the power went off. Wilma and Haley were on the computers upstairs while I was with the others downstairs watching TV. Wilma and Haley both started yelling "The electrical pole is on fire!" They were looking out the window and saw it burning and the transformer arching. I got on the cell phone and called 911. (I was told by Wide Open West, our ISP and phone supplier) that if the power goes out the modem only has a half hour battery to place calls. Actually it lasted 90 minutes.

Anyway, I reached the 911 operator via my cell phone and made the report. Then I called Edison to make the report of "No Power". The recording said that I would be contacted by a representative when available. I hung up and waited. Seemed like 10 minutes went by before we heard the fire department sirens going off.

A half hour later I and Wilma walked around the block to see how severe the damage was. One of the firemen told us that they notified Edison which would put their call ahead of homeowners for emergency service.

We all went back in the house, Wilma lit some candles, and we started telling stories of our childhood memories. The grandkids told of good and funny memories they had. By 10pm, still no call back from Edison, everyone headed for their beds to call it a day.

Poor Wilma, she is used to having a fan on in the bedroom all night to fall asleep by. She really had a tough time falling asleep and had a restless night as I had also.

Morning came, 8am, called Edison again. Talking with a representative, I was informed they never received any calls last evening in our area. I assured her that not only I called but the Fire Department put in a trouble call! After hearing her apologies she informed me she would try to have this call expedited, as we were already 12 hours without power. In all it was only affecting about 8 households.

By 10am we saw the Edison repair trucks arriving. Wow what service huh? Too bad they didn't receive the calls made 12 hours prior!

Wilma and I had some shopping to do, Tina took more household items along with the Kids to their Mobil home. They at least had all the utilities working.

When we returned home around 1pm I hooked up the generator from our Motor Home and plugged in the refrigerator. Then at 3pm the power was restored. Life back to normal.

Another couple days of adventures in our lives. Life is Good!

Be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Addition to my Blog

Reading other blogs, ( short for Web Logs) I've noticed some have a spot called "Shout box". It allows the readers to add their thoughts for all the readers to see.

I thought it might be pretty nice to allow my readers, (if I have any) to have this privilege.

So I have added it to my Blog site also. Look at the right side column, just above the Google Adds, and you will see a new window called Shout box.

If you would like to add a comment, follow these instructions:

  • Click in the "name" area and type in your name
  • Click in the "message" area and add your comments and thoughts. The program will only allow a set amount of words to be typed. You will know if you reach that amount or not.
  • After you've completed your typing, click on the word "shout".

You will then see it published for all to see and read! Neat huh?

All I ask is that everyone keeps their thoughts and comments clean as not to offend anyone.

Hope you enjoy this new feature as I do on other Blogs.

Updates on Tina's Mobile Home in the near future.

Until then be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Damage to Tina’s Mobil Home!

Tina was told a week ago by the Manager of the new Mobil Home park that he was going to "make some phone calls" when she pointed out the damage that was done from the moving company.

As you can see from the picture that there is more damage than we are capable of repairing.

Tina and I both agree that there needs to be a meeting scheduled with the manager to find out what is going on. She had been contacted by the "Inspector" and told that her home passed the Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical inspection. So my question to her was how can he approve the Mechanical if the Hurricane tie downs are not anchored and damage was done to the front of the Home? Some of my concerns are the damage that was done on the window frame on the front of the Mobil Home, the Hurricane tie downs that are not fastened or anchored, the cement pads and walkway, the wooden deck, and the skirting installation. The manager even told her it was ok now to move in if she wishes. And that's with a "temporary step" set up by the door!

I start to get concerned when I, or we don't get updated on what the outcome of his phone calls were.

Anyway, yesterday she had the kids over there painting. I helped by patching the holes in the walls caused by several things like door knobs. Tomorrow evening I'll go back to put the finishing touches on the patches so they can be painted.

I also had a contractor come out to give me a bid on the replacement/repair of the underbelly insulation. After talking with him for 2 minutes I knew he was not the one I would hire. Just too many negative remarks, plus his first bid was $3500.00! Then when I balked it dropped to $2700.00, then to $1700.00!

Now you got to realize, there is only 3 areas that are damaged. Each area is about 6 foot square. How much can this insulation cost?!?!! I will find out tomorrow when I make a phone call to the supplier. I guess I'll have to hire a couple young men myself to do the labor for me.

Yea,...I know....your thinking now, Why doesn't he do it himself if he has the material? The answer: Because I'm feeling my age of 58! The ol knees are starting to give me some serious trouble. But if I can't find a couple guys I won't have no choice but to do it myself. I can do it if need be.

Today we took both daughters and the 5 grandkids out to Brunch. Gifts were exchanged and we had a pretty good time. Of course I had to get in the first complaint about the help at the restaurant to Wilma. Not 5 minutes later Tina had to express herself about some of the food. I guess like father like daughter! But we both got over it and enjoyed the meal and time together.

Angel was in the booth next to ours so I wasn't aware if she had a complaint. She is much more timid and can tolerate more than her sister or Dad. I guess she gets that from her Mom. Not a bad trait either, wish I had more of that tolerant attitude.

After Wilma and I left the kids and the Restaurant we headed to my folks home. Had a pretty bouquet of fresh cut flowers for Mom. She really enjoyed them and the cards that she received. They are doing ok, Mom lost her balance one night last week and fell in the bathroom hitting her face on the tub. Got a bad bruise to the right of and under her nose. She seems ok now. Dad now has what I believe is a urinary tract infection. He is running a low grade temperature and will be going to the Dr.'s tomorrow. Hopefully he will get some antibiotics to cure him of this ailment.

We left Mom Dads and headed for Walmart to check out the flowers. To me they seemed pretty pricey, so Wilma picked out some nice Geraniums. We left Walmart and headed for Weigands Nursery. Very nice nursery and most of the flowers are under a glass roof. Which is just what everyone was thankful for as it was raining most of the day. We picked out a "trunk full" of flowers along with some fertilizer. Lightened the bank account a little, but the yard will look quite pretty this year.

That's it for today...come back again for more "Adventures".

Until then, be safe and God Bless.