Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Carol!

This morning we left home and headed for Fowlerville, MI to attend my cousin Carol's 60th. surprise Birthday party. My GPS said it would take 1hour and 45minutes. Actually it only took us 1 hour 15minutes. And NO Speeding! So being a little too early we stopped at the new Walmart store that had just been open for about a year. Very nice store in Fowlerville.

We looked around for about 30 minutes, I being the only one who found something to buy. A gallon of Prestone anti-freeze for the Buick and some energy saver light bulbs for our bathroom.

We arrived in plenty of time before Carol arrived. When she first saw everyone she looked a little overwhelmed! It was truly a SURPRISE Birthday party! Job well done by all the others in the Eastwood family to make this happen.

It was a wonderful party enjoyed by all. The family members who couldn't make it to the party surely missed a good time.

It has been at least 7 years since I've seen any of the Eastwoods. It was really great talking to them.

They had a delicious lunch, with more food than we all could eat. Mmm Good too! Well done Kathleen, Beth, and Mary-Ann. The three sisters who I noticed worked hard making sure everything was set for this party. Sorry if I missed giving credit to anyone, the party was a great hit!

My Aunt Mary, Carol's mother, sure enjoyed everyone that attended also. She is such an energetic woman! What ever you are doing Aunt Mary, keep doing it! You look great!

I also got to talk to Pat and Tommy Eastwood. was really great to talk and get re-acquainted again. We really need to get together more often and stay in touch.

We walked over to Aunt Mary's first house. I believe John Eastwood now lives there. Wow what a difference than what I remember. There has been much remodeling done and it looks great!

John was still at work and we had to leave to head back home. We sure would have enjoyed talking to him. Maybe next time....and there WILL be a next time!

We had a nice ride home, taking in the country setting. Arriving home we took a short nap and upon awaking we headed to Walmart for some grocery shopping. Seems today I donated quite a bit of my hard earned cash to the Walmart company!

It was an exceptionally wonderful day and adventure.

HAPPY 60TH. BIRTHDAY CAROL ! We wish you many, many more birthdays to come.

Until another adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Electric Meter/ New Shed & Steps

Yesterday this family received a few "New" items.

First off the Electric Co. arrived to install a new meter on the house. I didn't think anything was wrong with the old one. But they probably figured I didn't have high enough electric bills!

The meter on the right is the new one.

Then Tina called and said her shed was completed today. All the finishing touches are now completed with her move to the new park. Her steps have been constructed and now the shed.

On the other side of the coin....Angel was given some disturbing news a while ago. She was notified that her X-husband petitioned the courts to have his child support reduced. Dang it anyway it was approved! She lost around $300.00 per month! I just don't get it. This kid has been struggling to make ends meet for her and their daughter, and now will really have to scrimp to get by. She has applied for a new full time job in the school system. Hopefully she will get the position. Please remember her in your prayers.

Mean while I'll be watching my electric bill. If it makes a drastic change upward I guess I'll have to call the company and complain. But on the other hand, and I know I'm wishing for the impossible, if it goes down.....well only I will know. :~)

Till our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping & Casino

We made it back from our 3 night camping trip. We both had a very relaxing and good time at Saginaw Bay Resort in Standish, MI.

This was Kybee's first camping trip and he proved he likes camping. The only problem is that he wants to be with us constantly! We left him in the Motor Home while we went to the Casino on Friday. When we returned a couple were walking past and said that he was barking alot while we were gone. Dang...I hope he gets used to staying alone once in a while.

Mike and his wife Brenda also checked in to the campground Thursday evening. I work with Mike at General Dynamics. We were just finishing setting up when they phoned and said they were just entering the campground. They found their campsite a couple hundred feet from ours.

Friday came and the 4 of us went for a ride in my Saturn, looking at the other campgrounds in this organization. Couldn't get into the one on the River because the state was repairing the bridge just before the campground. They did see it from across the river though. From there we left for the Casino.

This is a new Casino. Just opened last January. Very nice and we didn't loose an arm and a leg the first day! We stayed a couple hours going our separate ways and then met back at the front entrance. From there we stopped at the A&W Root Beer for lunch.

We returned back to our Campground, and Wilma and I took a short nap. Afterward we walked over to Mike and Brenda's site. They bought their RV a year ago next month, and we were invited in to take a tour. Wow what a nice RV trailer they have. I've never seen the floor plan that they have with the main bed in front, and bunks and bathroom in the rear. Very nice Mike and Brenda. Hope you have many happy years and many fond memories with your new rig.

After awhile we went back to our campsite for a bite to eat. Then returned to their site to sit around the campfire. By 11pm we called it a night and went back to our rig and to bed.

Saturday Wilma and I decided to take another trip to the Casino. This time we won back a little more than we lost the day before, so we consider ourselves pretty lucky on this trip. We are money ahead! A rarity for us. We left the Casino and took a ride to the Saginaw Bay area. It's about 3 miles due east from our campground, and we have never been there before. We took the road toward the Bay as far as we could. From there I walked (very carefully) a couple hundred feet to the water line. A couple fishing boats were returning with news of a good catch for the day.

We returned and just lounged around the campsite the rest of the day. By evening we could hear thunder in the distance. A neighbor told us that there were some severe storms with hale north west of us. We decided that we could start putting everything away instead of waiting for the morning. Just in case of rain at night I wouldn't have to walk in mud to do it in the morning. Within an hour Wilma and I had everything put away and ready to pull out in the morning.

Sunday morning we decided to leave and stop at our favorite restaurant on the road, Cracklebarrel for breakfast. Again within an hour of waking up we were on our way home. Stopped half way home for gas as the gauge was showing a quarter tank. So to fill it up it took about 66 gallons of gas at a cost of $4.099 per gallon. OUCH! of course that wasn't all used just for this trip. We actually started with a 3/4 full tank.

Made it home safe and sound and while I was unloading the MH, Angel and Brooke stopped by to say hi. Had a nice visit with them.

And now as I sit here writing this post, Wilma is chatting with her friends on the web and Kybee is fast asleep.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

To all us fathers out there.....Happy Fathers day!

I had a wonderful visit from both my daughters, Angel and Tina, this morning. What a beautiful and meaningful card I received and a Detroit Red Wing Stanley Cup Champs shirt.

We all had a good time laughing and goofing around as you can see from the other pictures on our Web album. (Click on the picture and it will take you to our album).

This afternoon Wilma went shopping and I started to wash down the Motor home. Wow we still had the Florida dirt from last March on it. I guess that shows how busy I've been. I got about half done with the roof and the sky looked like a storm was coming. So I had to convince myself that it must be a day of rest! I got off the roof, put my cleaning stuff away and now as I'm posting this it's raining. Perfect timing.

Till next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Much has happened...

Since the last entry on May 30th.

Tina did get moved in, her family feels like they are on vacation! Imagine that! Move to a new location and there is such a great change in surroundings that it now feels like your on vacation. Nice!

That was the good news, but what followed is some of the "bumps in the road" she is having.

  • Where does all the stuff go?

There is still some items left in my garage that hasn't been relocated back at her home. She is still deciding if she really needs the items. I'm sure as things settle down we will find a home for these items.

  • Utility shed:

She needs to come up with a down payment of $300.00 to have the park start to construct her 10X10 wooden shed. Until she can come up with this down payment, the bikes, etc. need to be chained up. Also she can't take the chance leaving her lawn mower out in the open, so yesterday I took my mower over there and mowed her lawn, which was needing it badly.

  • Air conditioning:

This is really bad. Since she moved in the weather has been really warm, in the high 80's and low 90's. The company hired by the park didn't hook up the air conditioner until late Wednesday. She turned on the air and after running most of the day on cooling. Thursday evening I went over to check it out. Found that the Freon leaked out. So to get her through the night I added some Freon and got the unit cooling for them. She made phone calls to get the contractor who re-installed it to come back out and check it out.

The next morning around 10am she called me at work and said the suction line on the air conditioner is all frosty. I told her to turn off the unit that the Freon is leaking out again and the contractor has to find and repair the leak before any more Freon can be added.

4 hours later she called giving me the contractors phone number because he was telling her things she didn't understand. I called him and he started giving me numbers of pressures that only a person in the business would understand. Bottom line....compressor not pumping.

That evening I went to the parks office to talk to the manager. After a complete explanation of all that transpired the last few days he agreed that the Park is responsible. He assured me that at the parks picnic on Saturday, he would talk to his boss and they would come to a solution.

So here we are Sunday evening and it's in the 90's and she has no air. Will wait for a contact from Ken the manager of the park this week.

  • Dryer vent hook up.

That's my job that I agreed to do, so today (Sunday) I completed the installation of the dryer vent. You have to cut a hole through the newly installed "skirting" to vent the dryer out from under the mobile home. A little scary so it was a definite "measure twice, take a look and think, then cut the hole". Success! darn good job too if I must say so myself.

Have to change the subject for a minute.....

WOW What A Storm we just had! Around 5:10pm the dog, (update on that following this) needed to go out to take care of business. The sun was shinning, about 93 outside and I could see black clouds towards the south west. I kind of hurried the dog as the tornado sirens went off. We were under a warning all within about 5 minutes from sunny skies to dark windy conditions and the temperature dropped to 70.

Wilma got on the phone to call Angel telling her to get over hear fast. I called Tina with the cell warning her to take cover also or get over here.

Tina had a place to go with the kids, Angel jumped in the car with daughter, neighbor lady and her dog and arrived here within minutes of the call.

The winds really picked up but that was all. No hail, No super high winds, No trees down. Thank God.

Within about 15 minutes the front moved through and there was NO wind at all. No rain and the temperature stayed around 72 for the rest of the evening.

Now, about our Dog.

Tina had a small dog. A Pug is the name of the breed. She really didn't want to take him back as the park will charge her a fee for the dog, and money is tight for her. We told her when she moved back in her home that we would keep him for a while until a new home could be found. Well, within a week, he stole both our hearts. So it looks like we are the new owners of Kybee, our 4 year old male (who has been fixed) Pug. What a lovable little dog.

Meet Kybee our 4 year old "Pug"

Saturday I took him to Petco where the Vet was visiting and got all his required shots. $85.00 later he is good for a year. Next year won't be as expensive they tell me.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.