Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting ready for the Family Reunion

I have been pretty busy the last few days. Having many things to get done before we leave for Kentucky for Wilma’s family reunion.

Saturday had perfect weather for working outdoors. First off I had to find the leak in the Motorhome. While at the Air show last weekend we had a few showers pass through. The water leak was somewhere on the passengers side front, above the windshield. So with a close look at the roof area I noticed that the yellow lights above the windshield looked like the spot that water might be entering. A couple hours later I had removed them and installed new rubber gaskets behind them. A little sealant was added behind the gaskets for an added measure. Hopefully this will end the water leak. I guess now I should get the garden hose and check my work?

Next thing on the to do list was to cut up the branches from my neighbors tree. A few weeks ago we had a bad storm go through with gusts of 50 mph winds. Needless to say, there were a few tree branches that could not withstand that kind of wind. The neighbor across the street from my home had his Maple tree land on top of his home. It was just removed this past week. I presume there was a problem with his homeowners insurance company for the reason the tree was on top of his home for nearly 3 weeks! Anyway, my neighbor behind me had just a few small limbs fall into his yard from his tree, and thought I might like them for fire wood. So after being on a ladder working on the Motorhome the past couple hours, I decided it was time to cut up those tree limbs into fire wood size.

Next thing on the to do list….cut the grass. An hour and a half later that job was completed. Man O Man I can tell this body isn’t one of a 25 year old anymore! The muscles are stiffening up.

Talked to Dad last night on the phone. He seems to be keeping busy with my brother and sisters. That’s a good thing seeing that its been just over a  month now since Mom passed away. He told me that he is getting confused a little on the bills he is receiving for all the past hospital services for Mom. So today after a hair cut, then an oil change in the car, I will be heading over to see him and go over the bills with him. I think he will feel a little bit more at ease if I keep track of all the bills. That way I can explain them to him instead of him trying to figure them out on his own. Anything to make his life a little easier is what makes me happy. I just can’t imagine what he is going through, being alone now after 62 years of marriage.

Later this week we, Wilma and I, will be leaving for Kentucky for her annual Family Reunion. It will be held this Saturday and we will be back home on Monday. Have to be back to work on Tuesday. So the rest of the week we will be busy getting ready to leave.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Selfridge Air Show 2009

The weatherman didn't forcast rain, so we thought it would be a bright sunny day. Wrong! We had a few rain showers move through the area. The air show had a slight rain delay, but continued through to the end.
Wilma & Angel arrive with the "dogs & treats".

The show always starts out with the fly over of the old Vintage planes. From those to the stunt flying and wing walking.

Then it was time to put on the Dogs.

It wasn't long before the friends and family showed up to enjoy a great time together.

First to get everyones attention, I figure, one of our modern Bombers flew by and simulated dropping a bomb. That got our attention, even though it was about a mile south of where we were.

Our Air Force Wing then flew as the clouds thickened.................

So there was nothing left to do but for Myself and Joe to do our famous, "DON'T RAIN DANCE".

It didn't work completly, but the slight rain we had didn't dampen our fun at all. No, I did not have any "adult beverage" and still had a great time!

Then came the highlight of the show.
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds!

Not only do you get to watch the air show, but the Air Base broadcasts' music and explanations at what you are seeing and about to see. What a great job they do. Listening to the patriotic music, watching those beautiful jets streak by, feeling the roar of their jet engines, WOW...puts a lump in the throat, makes a person mighty proud of his country and those who serve in the armed forces. This Veteran sure does feel that way!

What a great day we had with friends and family.

To view all the pictures "click here".

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow the Air Show

Got a call from my Daughter Angel today while I was at work. She was amazed at the number of Motorhomes in the Walmart parking lot watching the air show from Selfridge Air Base just a couple miles south. The planes fly directly over the parking lot and she said you can see everything! Click here for the link to the web site of the air show.

So tomorrow we are going to take our Motorhome to Walmart and plan on spending the better part of the day watching the air show.
Angel said she would like to come along with us to watch it again. I made a call to Tina inviting her and the kids also. She is going to meet us there after church.

So the plan is that we arrive at Walmarts around 10am. Wilma and I will go into Walmart to purchase our hot dogs, etc. for lunch for the "gang". We should have our shopping done by the time Tina arrives and just around 11:30am the air show starts.

We have been to it in the past by going on the air base. You have to walk a mile to get out to the area of the runway from the parking lot in above ankle high field grass. Set up your lawn chair and commence to get sun burned unless your lucky to have unbrella's, which we do. But the drawback is your at their vendors mercy for purchasing any food as the only thing that is allowed through the gates is plastic water bottles.

So we are looking forward to a wonderful day with all the family, sitting in Walmarts parking lot, enjoying our Motorhome and getting a great view of the air show.

Now lets keep our fingers crossed for some great weather with NO rain.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bank Business with Dad

Dad and I had made plans to double check on his bank accounts, and the Social Security Administration.

At 8:15am I was at his home ready to do our adventure. First stop, the SSA. As he already reported my mothers death to them, he didn't think they made the corrections on their records. The reason? He had another check deposited on August 3rd in her name, and she passed away July 25th.

As I figured, they have the records correct and being a death late in the month prior, the computers had the checks already printed and getting ready for the mail. He was informed that the SSA would be in touch with the bank and between them they will return the August check.

One stop done, four others to tend to. One worry taken away, four more to tend to.

By Noon our banking inquires were complete. He now understands, along with myself, the rules of each establishment and all is good. Four more worries removed from him.

We then stopped at a restaurant and had lunch, before I took him home.

Dad returned to my home at 5pm as he was invited for dinner this evening. Wilma made a delicious meat loaf dinner...mmmm goood. Dad really enjoyed himself this evening along with the delicious meal.

So, back to work tomorrow. Nothing exciting other than the everyday living, and an Eye Dr. appointment this Wednesday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wilma is back home.

Tuesday Evening, August 11, 2009

Wilma made it back home this evening after an 11 hour drive.
She called me earlier in the day to ask about the water that was dripping on the passenger's floor. I asked her if it was clear water or did it have a smell like anti freeze. She said it was clear water. This I assured her was the drain from the air conditioner had plugged and it would be ok until she arrives home.
She also called later in the day and said she had to pull over in Findlay, OH while a bad storm passed. Within a half hour it passed and she was back on her way home.
I'm happy she is back home safe and sound. I emptied her car for her as she ate some fresh corn on the cob. Then we sat and she told me about her trip, after I used the shop vac to remove the water on the floor. As it was getting late, I will have to check the drain line tomorrow.
I had another super busy day today at work. Seems like all heck breaks loose on these hot days. So I'll have to close and get to bed.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Campfires, and Thunder

As Wilma left Thursday for Kentucky to attend her 40th. class reunion....oooops she might kill me for saying how many years its been since graduating from high school.... ;>)
I had planned on taking the Motor Home over to my best buddy, Gary's, home for the week end.

I arrived around 5pm Friday. Cheryl and Gary had the steaks on the grill and we all sat down to a great dinner. Afterward we built a campfire and Gary and I enjoyed it until 3am. when we had to call it quits and go to bed.

Seems we have our best heart to heart talks when we are the only ones around the campfire. And knowing him since I was 10 years old, we are as close as blood brothers.

The slow rain started around 8am Saturday and didn't stop until around 4pm. What a great rain for the farmers, nice and slow and steady.

The sun came out and we fired up the grill again for the hamburger dinner for this evening. After dinner we all went back to the campfire and before long a neighbor stopped by for awhile. Had a few laughs with him, man what a character. He had to leave for home as his dinner was ready. Then Gary's brother Al and his wife Debbie joined us at the fire. Not long after that, Cheryl's brother stopped and enjoyed the fire also, along with the liquid beverages that were available.

Around midnight there was thunder and lightening in the distance headed our way. We enjoyed the light show along with the campfire until 1am when the first few drops of rain were felt. That's when I retired to my motor home for the night. By 1:30am it started raining quite hard. The lightening and thunder were tremendous. It was constant boom, boom, boom, until 3:30am.

Gray's power went out a couple times, his generator started so his home was not affected. I was plugged into the pole barn. I guess I must have fallen asleep because I was awoke breathing hard as my Apnea machine had stopped.

Not wanting that to happen again, I got up and found my inverter. Plugged it into the 12 volt DC plug then plugged my Apnea machine into it. Now the ac power from Gary's pole barn can go on and off and I won't be affected.

Nodded back off to sleep and was awoke by the sunshine of today around 9am.

It was a warm 90 degrees and high humidity today, so after arriving back home around 2pm I unloaded the motor home, and turned on the air in the house.

Tonight I plan on getting a good night sleep with the air on, as the alarm at 4:40am will surely wake me up for another day of work tomorrow.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to everyday living...

We have been checking on Dad everyday since the funeral. He seems to be doing ok considering. If he is hurting he sure can hide it from his kids!

I just got back from a visit with him. He tried to contact the life insurance company to turn in a claim on a policy that he had on Mom. It was opened in 1958. He said the phone number on the papers he has is disconnected. They are not listed in the local phone book, so he asked me "Can you check on your computer?" I assured him I should be able to get some info for him with no problem and would get back with him in a few days.

It turned out that it took only 5 minutes on the web, and I had the phone number and business hours of the "new" company that bought out the original insurance company. Tomorrow I will give them a call and get the instructions for filing a claim.

Wilma is leaving tomorrow to drive back to Kentucky for her High School Class Re-union. She won't be returning until next Thursday. Angel, our daughter, and Brooke, her daughter will be going with her to visit relatives. Looks like I'll be batchlering it for a week, so it will be just me and Kybee holding down the fort until her return.

Next Friday I will be going with Dad to the bank, credit union, and the court house to find out about putting my name with his name on everything. Since Mom isn't on them any longer he has to make the provisions in case anything should happen to him. Also we would like to avoid the Probate Court system as much as possible in the future.

Gotta go for now and help pack up the car for Wilma.

Again I wish to thank all those who have been wishing our family their condolences and prayers on the passing of my Mom.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.