Sunday, September 27, 2009

Computer up and running

It started around 7am this morning. Backing up the files and folders Wilma felt she just had to have.

Then came the dreaded "system restore" to clean out the virus, or whatever it was. Notice I said was.

The restore program gave me a choice to do a full or partial restore. The full restore completely deletes everything on the disc, the partial leaves some of the programs on (Firefox) was one of them, however all the bookmarks were gone. The complete process including the bazillian updates took a little under 5 hours. You would think there would be a better and quicker way, and I have cable internet. I couldn't imagine anyone being able to do this on a dial up connection.

After that I went out and cut the grass, mulching up the leaves that have fallen already. I don't know why I felt it was important to "get - er - done" now as starting about 3am the weather man says we are going to get 45 mph winds as a cold front drops down from Canada. I guess that will be enough wind to drop the rest of the leaves.

After the lawn chores it was couch potato time, or more like shut eye time. Finally sitting outside on the swing listening to the crickets and enjoying this fall evening. Quiet, still, not a breeze moving any leaves on the trees, just a perfect evening. And to think within 6 hours there is going to be a major change in weather.

Nothing else going on. Back to work in the morning ;-(

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computers, Good – Bad - Ugly

The past several days, 3 days to be exact, I have been trying to get our Laptop and Wilma’s computer whipped into shape.
I have always been a little nuts about all the viruses, spam, etc going around. So I have always had an ear open when people like Kim Komando, and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour mention anything about  “free” spyware, add-ware, and antivirus software we should have on our computers.
Well the laptop is a 7 year old Compaq XP system. Wilma’s desktop is a Compaq XP and only 4 years old. And mine….well I won’t go there just yet….don’t need to give myself a jinx.
The laptop became slower in its boot up. I mean REALLY slow. I would only turn it on once a week and then wait. I’d go make the coffee, get in the newspaper, drink a few cups of coffee, fix a breakfast, talk with Wilma about what we were going to do that day, and maybe, just maybe if its just past the hour mark, the computer was done booting up.
Something just has to be done! So I have been slowly removing all the “extra protection” that was installed on it through the years. Now it takes about 10 minutes. Not bad considering Windows defender has to do its scan. The only “safety” program I’m running on it now is Avast anti virus, Window Defender and PC Tools Spy Dr. I may end up just having the Spy Dr. run when I want it to instead of every time the computer is booted up.
Now for Wilma’s computer. This is bad, real bad.
For the last several weeks her computer has been slowing down for her, no mater what she is doing on it. Mostly games, Facebook, emails, things like that. She also had the free stuff recommended to have. SpyBot, Adaware,Spy Dr., Windows Defender, and Avast anti virus. When she mentioned it to me a few weeks ago, I have been keeping an eye on the router lights. Her lights are almost constantly blinking. Pausing for about 10 seconds and on again for 30 seconds. Never stopping. Her computer won’t go into sleep mode at night with this activity all the time.
Here I go to try to help clean it up. I’m guessing there is some type of spammer thingy on it that just keeps shooting out spam. The anti virus shows clean. Downloaded Avira, disabled Avast and ran Avira’s scan. Nothing, its clean. Drats! 
Sooo…I commenced to download, upload, sidewaysload, install, uninstall, repeat it stall….you name it and I tried it. Nothing, every program I tried to find the little bug failed. So now Wilma is slowly uninstalling the games she downloaded.
So far, not so good. She doesn’t want me to do a complete re-cover yet as it takes too long and she wants her computer every evening.  OK Hon….Sunday might be the day. I’ll just get out of bed a little earlier than usual and commence to do the complete re-cover thing. Being the age of the computer I can only guess how many cazillian updates windows will have to download on the “new” install.
Kinda makes me wonder…., if there is a virus on the computer, why didn’t Avast catch it? If there is spyware on it, why didn’t spybot and all the other programs catch it. Windows just doesn’t give me that “warm fuzzy feeling” on their security and such when I do my banking, purchasing, and taxes on a Windows based computer. What’s a fella to do?
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying out Windows Live Writer..

Wilma has decided she really wants to have another garage sale to clear out our “stuff”.
Map picture
I have to work tomorrow, so when I get home I will be hauling out the tables to the garage. Don’t think the 5 tables we have is going to be enough to hold all the stuff she wants to sell. Plus I am going to add some “manly” stuff to the sale.
At the right is a map of the city I live in. I just don’t want to put my address here on a blog, not knowing who is reading this.
Plus I am trying out Windows Live Writer as several of the bloggers I follow are doing. Rick gave us all some great instructions on how to use it a few days ago. You can Click On Ricks Blog Here. If Rick keeps up that style of blog we will have to re name him “The Canadian Geek on Tour”!  :-)
It worked real well for Al on his blog last night. You can click on his blog, The Bayfield Bunch here.  Job well done Al! I only can hope I can write blogs as great as yours. Seems every time I read your blog it brings a smile to my face, sometimes a good ol fashioned belly roll laugh. Keep it up Al your great.
Looking at the Map above you will notice Selfridge Air Force Base. I’m just a few miles from the base. I just have to add another picture that was taken at the last air show this past August.

Kind of makes it look like I was riding in another plane taking this picture of the Thunderbirds, doesn’t it?

Really its the wonders of Picasa! Meaning you can do wonders with your photos using Picasa.

The Jones family

Can’t forget the great time we had last month going to Kentucky for Wilma’s family reunion.
Just a sampling of a few of the family members.

Looking back to last month, Wilma and I really had a busy and fun summer month. The rest of this month we will be focusing on the Garage sale. Next month we have our final for the year camping trip set.

Sorry this blog post isn’t too interesting, it actually is my training blog using Live Writer. I think as I keep using it I might get a little better at it. Hopefully I will anyway.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perfect weather, busy day…

When I awoke this morning, I found a note from Wilma at the coffee pot. “Gone to Krogers, be right back”. Wow I thought, pretty energetic already so early in the morning to do the grocery shopping. I was on my first cup of coffee doing the Sudoko when she arrived back home. I helped bring the assortment of items in from the trunk of the car, noticing the bunch of cut yellow daisies. I asked her what was the occasion for the flowers. She said she thought we would go to Moms grave and place them there. Nice idea I thought.

Angel and Brooke arrived about 2 hours later for breakfast this morning. While eating Angel mentioned she tried to change her outdoor porch light on her mobil home. When she got to looking at the wires inside, one black one white and one bare, she got nervous and stopped before she would make a mistake. So after breakfast I went over to her home and changed out the light as she looked on. I explained each step of the replacement, hoping she would remember if she ever had to replace another one or help someone else. I’m sure she would be able to do it now that she was shown how its done.

Arriving back home, I started cleaning up the garage. Goodness sakes where did all this stuff come from?!?!? A few hours of steady work and it doesn’t look too awful bad. At least now I can see my work bench, (of course its piled high with STUFF that will be sold at the next sale.

Wilma is wanting to have another Garage Sale the first week in October. She has been going through the STUFF in the basement now for a couple weeks. My job will be to get all the “manly” STUFF, meaning my STUFF from the garage ready to sell. I guess I have convinced myself I don’t need a dozen flat head screwdrivers, 15 vise grips, the 16 foot aluminum extension ladder, and numerous other items I’ve collected. So this October its “out it goes, sell everything” Garage Sale. We are hoping to earn enough cash to re-paint and carpet the basement, making it livable again.

We then went to see Mom’s grave and place the flowers there. This had been the second time I’ve been there. The first just the day after the funeral. As I stood looking at her head stone, Wilma said she was going to leave me alone for awhile. As she walked away looking at the other head stones, the tears started flowing. I tried to hold them back but just could not. Damn I thought, here I am a man of 59 and crying for my mom! It just doesn’t seem…..manly?? So there I was by myself for an hour with the tears streaming down my face. When will this feeling stop? When will I think of her without a tear swelling up? In 12 days it will have been two months since she passed. I guess its like everyone says. No matter how hard one thinks they are, there is always a very soft place in ones heart for their mom.

So True!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from the family reunion

We arrived back home after a 9 hour drive late Sunday evening. Went to Arby's to get us roast beef sandwiches for supper, as neither of us were up to fixing supper.

We had a great time while in Kentucky visiting friends and family.

We stayed in the local motel.
We both got a kick at the name of the motel. "Moon's Do Drop Inn". The reason we got a chuckle is that the "handle" Wilma uses while in the chat rooms is Moonsong, but everyone calls her Moon. So for those who chat with she is in front of the sign. After settling in we headed over to Linda's house for dinner. Mark cooked his famous "Hobo Meal". Mmmm good!

Thursday we headed for Eddie's home. Eddie is Wilma's brother, blue shirt to the left of the pictures below..

Here we all are enjoying the shade in Eddies back yard. Later we enjoyed a pizza dinner.

Friday we went back to Eddies and spent the day with him & his wife Beth. We all decided we wanted to see where he was working, so we followed him in the car to "The Hunting Lodge" that is in the process of being finished into a beautiful home. His boss, Greg, will have himself one beautiful place when completed. There will be no way one will be able to tell that his home was once a hunting lodge.

Eddie taking us into the "lower level"....just to the left is the fireplace.

From there Eddie took us to some of Greg's chicken houses. Tyson is the name of the company that he sells the chickens to. It is really something the scheduling that has to be done to keep the chickens delivered to Tyson. Here are some stats about them you might find interesting.

Top photo is the outside of one of the chicken houses. Bottom photo chicks inside.

  • 26,000 eggs delivered per house that hatch within 24 hours of delivery.
  • I would estimate the chicken houses to be about the length of 2 football fields, and 40 feet wide.
  • It takes 54 days for the chickens to grow to maturity ready for the process plant. Then the cycle is repeated.
  • He is paid $.25 per chicken.
Greg now has 54 chicken houses in operation. All in different stages of growth so there is a regular delivery of eggs in and chickens out. What's amazing to me is Greg was a UPS driver just 10 years ago when he quit and had his first chicken house built. What an amazing business accomplishment.

Saturday was the family reunion picnic.

What a great time was had by all those attending.

We were a little hurried while eating as we could hear thunder in the distance. Within an hour after eating the rain came. But that didn't ruin the festivities.

We all just moved into the garage where we listened to Rodney Puckett sing and play his guitar, and afterward several sang along with the Karoke machine beginning with Heather Puckett Dunlap. The party lasted into the late hours of the evening, all enjoying themselves.

Sunday morning we went over to say good bye to Eddie and Beth, and from there we left for our trip home around 10am.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.