Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sister Judy finds “her” perfect car

I was at Judy’s home by 9am yesterday to take her “car” shopping. Her plan was to go to the Ford dealer and look at the Focus and Fusion models. If those were not to her liking we would head back to the Chevrolet dealer to talk seriously on purchasing a vehicle. But before we would go to the dealerships, we needed to get everything out of her Toyota that was still at our local repair shop. Arriving there, Mark, the owner of Mechanical Man, asked if we made any deals with the dealerships for trading in the Toyota. I told him the Chevy dealer offered her $500 if we towed it in. He turned to Judy and offered to cut her a check for $500 and she wouldn’t have to pay for the towing fee to get it to the dealer. Judy accepted his check and signed over the title to him. I figured that just saved her around $60 in towing charges, plus she got rid of a car with a blown engine.

At the Ford dealership a salesman greeted us at the door. He showed her the Focus first, and as Judy was entering the car she banged her bad knee on the steering column. Check that model off the list! On to the Fusion. She looked one over on the showroom floor but commented that the price was way out of her budget. The salesman said that if she might be interested in a “slightly used” Fusion he had 1 left out of the 6 that they put up for sale yesterday. The price was in her range so she wanted to take it out for a test drive.


This photo is not of her car. Her Fusion is Silver.

She loved it! She said to me this is exactly what I’m looking for. She said it’s like a bride looking for her bridal dress. After trying on many dresses she just knows when that special dress comes along. So back to the dealership to close the deal.

While they were prepping the vehicle, we decided to go out to lunch. I phoned Wilma and she met us at Royal CafĂ© a local restaurant. Judy was excited telling Wilma of her new car, and Wilma was excited for her. After our lunch I took Judy to her insurance agent to get the necessary paperwork done to cover the new car. Then we headed back to the dealership for her to take delivery of her new vehicle. Her “slightly” used vehicle has just 600 miles on it. It was used by one of the management people at the dealership, so we figured it was well taken care of.

So this brings a happy ending to the stressful last few days Judy has had to endure. We all thank God everything turned out as well as it has.

Tonight brings the end of 2011. Wondering what the future holds for our family. What ever it is we look forward with a positive attitude, and know that God will take care of us.

Our wish to all of you is that you find Health, Happiness, and Well Being in the coming year. Happy New Year!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Troubling News

My sister Judy mentioned to me at our Christmas family gathering, that she was thinking of replacing her 11 year old Toyota with a new vehicle. She asked my opinion on how I liked my Malibu, and if I had any suggestions for her.


She phoned me again yesterday telling me that she went to the Toyota dealer and test drove a new car. She asked me once again if I had any recommendations of other vehicles to test drive. We had a nice 45 minute talk and she felt that she had a much better understanding on the different makes and models to compare.

Just before lunch today I received a phone call with some troubling news from my Sister Judy. She told me that she went to the Buick dealer this morning to look at new cars. An appraiser took her 11 year old Toyota out for a test drive to get a better idea on how much they would allow her for a trade in. After a half hour or so a phone call came into the dealership from the appraiser. It seemed that he only drove the car a half mile and the engine quit. The salesman and Sister Judy drove to where the car had stopped. Of course Judy knows practically nothing about the mechanics of the vehicle other than the engine wouldn’t even turn over. They all suspected a dead battery, so they called a wrecker to come get the car. The car was taken to a local independent repair shop that our family has been doing business with for the past 15 years. “Mark” the owner of the repair shop did a quick inspection as the Toyota was being taken off the wrecker. There was a large puddle of oil on the bed of the wrecker under the Toyota. He noticed a large hole in the engine block! The salesman ended up taking Judy back to her home, and that’s when I received the panic stricken, very upset, troubling news from my Sister.

After talking to her, getting upset myself, I told her I was going to go talk to Mark. Possibly, from there go to the Buick dealership to talk to the management about their appraiser test driver. But after talking to Mark it was determined that the engine did indeed “blow a rod of piston” through the block. Could it have been caused from the test drive? Possibly, but proving that would be almost impossible. Mark said without actually getting any prices, he would guess that the cost to replace the engine with a used engine would be upwards of around $3000.00. That’s more than we both thought the car was worth. I thanked him for looking at it and told him we would be in touch tomorrow on what we are planning on doing with the car.

I left and went over to Judy’s home. Explained to her that her Toyota was a total loss, and that she needed to purchase another vehicle. She didn’t want to go back to the Buick dealership so I took her to the Chevrolet dealership. She test drove two vehicles. The first one being a sub compact, which model name escapes me. But after the drive I pointed out to her that the engine was made in Korea. Nope, we don’t want that. Talking to the salesman he suggested she take the Cruise out for a test drive. This vehicle was much better, and she even commented while driving it that she really liked that vehicle. Back at the dealership, we got the “out the door” price and bid farewell.

As we were on our way back to her home, I tried to calm her down a little. I told her that she has to look at “the other side of this coin.” It was almost a miracle that she wasn’t driving the Toyota on the free way when the engine blew. She could have lost control, and possibly been killed! God must have given you “His Guidance” that it was time to replace the Toyota. So instead of looking at the side of the coin that shows all the trouble that happened today, look at the side that shows you will be getting a brand new vehicle, and that your life may have been spared! She smiled, looked at me and said, “Thank you Fred, I didn’t think of that, and now I feel much better about this”.

Tomorrow morning at 9am I am going over to Judy’s, and possibly take her to the Ford dealership as she wants to go look at the Ford models. I believe she is interested in test driving the Focus and the Fusion. Afterwards I presume she will make up her mind as to which of the three makes of vehicles she may want to purchase, another Toyota, a Chevrolet, or a Ford. 

My prayer to God tonight will be for asking for His guidance for her tomorrow, relieve her of the troubles of today, and give her the joy and excitement of owning a new vehicle.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Past

I’m really slacking on updating my Blog. Been reading other blogs on their Christmas Holiday and thought, OMG, I haven’t posted about our Christmas yet and it’s Christmas Past by two days already!

Gifts under the tree await the arrival of the Daughters and Grandkids.DSC_4653

As in the past, our daughters and Grandchildren come over to have breakfast before opening gifts. This year was no exception, and Wilma and I really enjoy cooking a great breakfast for our family.

Getting the biscuits out of the oven. DSC_4667

Of course I have to sample the Bacon!DSC_4660

Everyone arrived hungry, some of them still in their pj’s! Can you tell Dakota does not like his picture taken?


It doesn’t take long for the line of hungry family to start filling their plates. Eggs, bacon, biscuits, milk gravy, donuts, OJ, Mmmm Good.


Just as soon as everyone completed their breakfast, we all moved into the living room where the gifts were waiting to be opened. Rebecca, Savannah, and Brooke were the first, waiting for everyone else.




Everyone seemed to like their gifts that they received this year. I don’t believe any will end up going back for exchange.

Proud of my familyDSC_4737

From my family to yours, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Healthy, and Joyous New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


No hints from the weather that Christmas is just around the corner, but our activities prove different.

Yesterday morning Wilma and I attended our first “UAW Local 1248 Retiree’s Christmas Party”. We both got a chuckle out of the weather we had to drive through to get there. Rain…December 14th. and rain in Michigan! I can never remember it raining in December in Michigan, and I’m not complaining one bit.

9:30am, rain with temps in the high 40’s. On our way to the Retiree’s Party.100_1365

I’ll take the sprinkles any day over snow and cold.

The party was a huge success with over 300 in attendance. At a cost of only $5.00 per person you received a wonderful meal, open bar, and close to 50 chances to win a gift certificate to Red Lobster or Texas Longhorn. They also held 3- 50/50 drawings, and raffled off at least 40 other gifts ranging from liquor to gift certificates to local Target, and Wal-Mart stores.

As our local is shared with a Chrysler Corp. plant and General Dynamics plants, it was great to be able to see a few of my fellow workers from General Dynamics. We did get there early enough to reserve a table for 6 as we knew two other couples were going to meet us there.

Standing is Al M. (Union Steward Active) Myself, Bob M.(Millwright Retired), & Bob K.(Carpenter Retired)100_1368

I couldn’t leave out a picture of our beautiful wives! Here is Karen M., Donna K., and Wilma. 100_1369

We all had a great time, and I look forward to next year to attend another.

Today Wilma started cooking the Christmas cookies while I started wrapping the gifts. As Wilma does all the Christmas gift shopping I feel that the least I could do is wrap them. I’m like most guys, I hate shopping! But Mom taught me as a child how to wrap Christmas gifts.

Here is Wilma hard at work baking those wonderful Christmas cookies. Tomorrow she will tackle the making of some fudge! Mmm Good.


Listening to the holiday music, smelling the aroma of Cookies baking, makes my job much easier. You know it does take a considerable amount of skill to handle those huge scissors without doing harm to myself! Winking smile


That’s about it for now, so until next time, be safe and God Bless.