Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Englewood Beach, FL.

The sun was just coming up this morning while we had our coffee outside on the patio. Last nights’ dew was dripping from the awning, and the temperature at 7:30am was already up to 72F. with a weather forecast high of 85F.

7:30am. Enjoying coffee on our patio

Sounded like a great day to head for the beach and look for more Sharks Teeth. We have 4 other Grandkids who would really like some Sharks Teeth, so Pa and Nana were on a mission.

On the beach near the restroom structure

Palms by the Restroom structure

We headed for Englewood Beach with finding Sharks Teeth on our mind. Well not only that, but to watch how long we were in the sun. Didn’t want to fry like a French fry.

Englewood Beach Old Crowd

Pelican waiting for lunch

We paid $2.00 for close to 3 hours parking. We lasted 2½ hours which was more than enough sun for us today.

From the beach we wanted to find a small restaurant to have lunch. Garmin GPS to the rescue. We chose Stefano's Family Restaurant and a great choice it was. I looked at some of the negative comments on the link and didn’t agree with them at all. This was a great restaurant and I would highly recommend it.

Wilma's Salad

Wilma's Lunch, Chicken Pot Pie

Wilma and I both enjoyed our lunch and can’t complain on the final cost. Our waitress and the food was just great!

Fred's Lunch

We found out after talking to the waitress, who had worked there for 11 years, that most of the food is prepared there. Not bought from a restaurant food supplier. I believe our plates were definitely prepared in their kitchen. Was it ever tasty.

Our Sharks Teeth catch of the day

Arriving home, we took a close look at our “Sharks Teeth”. Some of them could be questionable, but I know the Grandkids will really appreciate them. Wilma and I were both disappointed we couldn’t find more of them today. We talked to many people on the beach today who were looking for them and they all said they were having trouble finding the teeth today. Oh well, there’s always another day to go back to the beach to Shark Teeth Hunt. Open-mouthed smile

Not much else going on today. Tomorrow might be a laundry day Confused smile and if it’s not too warm, a day to apply some wax to the Motorhome.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Frosty Fridge Fins

Just three things I needed to complete today. Defrost the fridge, make a run to Wal-Mart for some items and gas, and stop at Punta Gorda Water Plant to get some free water.

RV Fridge Frosty Finns

Clean of Frost buildup

So here is a question to those RV’ers. How do you defrost your RV Fridge? Leave me a comment if you would. Me? I use a hair dryer on low heat and direct it away from the temperature sensor. My sensor is on the 4th. fin from the right. A close look at the photo above and you can see the clip holding the sensor. I do not want any heat hitting directly on this sensor.

The “blue box with battery” is my Fridge Fan. It’s supposed to make the fridge a little more efficient. Just sitting it next to the fins doesn’t seem to do anything, so I’m trying to angle it toward the Fridge Evaporator Fins. Time will tell I guess how well this little fan actually does.

After that little job was completed, I was off to Wal-Mart. Gas is $3.43 per gallon. It has been that price since we arrived here Jan. 1st. The Wal-Mart we always head for is located in Port Charlotte, FL. Our RV Park has an Arcadia mailing address but we are much closer to Port Charlotte. From Wal-Mart I headed over to I-75 for a quick 8 mile ride over Charlotte Harbor into Punta Gorda where the water plant is located. I filled up my containers and now have 12 gallons of fresh water. We feel much more confortable drinking that water over the well water from the RV Park. Even running the RV Parks well water through a carbon filter, we can still taste the “well water taste”. Most of the RV’ers here at the park do exactly what I did today for drinking water.

Tomorrow the weather man calls for afternoon temperatures to hit 82F. I might start to apply the wax to the motorhome tomorrow. We will see…..maybe just spend a lazy day lounging around the pool! Winking smileFull Moon between the Spanish Moss hanging from a Live Oak tree.

Did you see the moon this evening? Wow…just beautiful.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

RV Park Garage Sale / Arcadia Antique Sale

This morning the RV Park was hosting their annual “Garage Sale”. It seemed that when we showed up around 9am, that everyone in the park was gathered in or around the Club House.

Tables of items for sale set up in the Club House

The "Manly" stuff was set up outside

We left the “Garage Sale” with a small Igloo Cooler for a buck, and 5 books for Wilma to read for a buck 50.

From there Wilma and I got in the car and headed to Arcadia. The last Saturday of every month the city hosts a “Street Antique Sale”. Wow, what an experience for us. It was like stepping back in time! Seeing items for sale that I remember from my Grandparents home.

Arcadia Antique Sale

Remember this guy?

The time got away from us, and we decided to eat a lunch in Arcadia in one of the local restaurants, Oak Street Deli.

Where we had our lunch

When we walked in the door we heard our names called out. Looking around we saw two couples from the RV Park that we previously met calling us over to their table. The place was packed, and if it weren’t for their invite we would have been there at least an hour waiting for a table. Plus the food we had was GREAT!

This evening the RV Park is hosting “Soup Night”. We are planning on attending that for our evening supper. The plus to that is we get another chance to meet some of the park residents. What fun people we have met so far and are looking forward to the parks events.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Perfect Weather for a Wash

The sunny weather in the mid 70’s was perfect for finishing up the wash of the Motorhome.

Temps in the mid 70's Perfect for a Wash

While I finished up the wash of the Motorhome, Wilma made a run to Wal-Mart to do some last minute shopping.

That’s about all that happened today.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paid for Storage, Alternative Sites

This morning I took a bike ride over to see “Cookie” who handles the paper work for the storage area. I wanted to pay for our spot so I would be assured of having it. She apologized for having to raise the price from last year $5.00, which will help pay for the new fence that was installed around the storage area. So for 9 months of storage it cost me $270.00. I didn’t think that was a bad price to pay, especially since the storage area is within eyesight of our “Winter” site.

The next stop was to see the RV Park manager Hilary, to inquire about the availability of our site for next year. There rule is that if a “renter” misses a season because of illness, then the following year they will get their site back. Seeing as my site, 102, was occupied by a renter for several years and had to miss this year because of sickness, he would have first choice for the site next year if he chooses to return. If he doesn’t return next year, then the site would be assigned to me.

I asked if she could give me a listing of “Possible sites available” for next year if my site won’t be available. She kindly looked in the records and marked several sites that could be available next year.

Wilma and I walked around looking at the “possibly available” sites that Hilary marked down, and picked our 2nd. and 3rd. choices. But our 1st. choice is the one we are on now. Hopefully we will get it for the 2014 season.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it is one road closer to the office where the internet wi-fi is located, which should make it a little easier to hook up to the free wi-fi. So below is our 2nd. choice.

Site 81 our 2nd. choice

Still plenty of “elbow” room around the site, so we would settle for this site if ours isn’t available.

Finally, later in the day,  a couple loads of laundry was done with “Mother Nature” doing the drying.

The laundry I did today

With the sun shinning and temps in the mid 70’s it won’t take long for the clothes to end up back in the closet.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fish Fry Dinner/Birthday Party and a Friend Visits Us

Yesterday I received an email from a long time friend of ours Dave D. Saying he would like to drop by for a short visit.

Our Friend Dave D. stopped by for a visit.

I gave Dave the Grand Tour of the RV Park. It being a small RV Park didn’t take much more than 15 minutes to see the entire park. SmileWe sat outside in the sun, as there was a cool breeze blowing (62F.) and the sun really felt great. After 3 hours or so, we had pretty much caught up on all the news and Dave left with a standing invitation to us to come visit him before we return to Michigan, which we plan on doing. What a great visit we had as Dave always has a smile on his face.

Earlier in the week our Canadian neighbor, Dave, invited us over for a Fish Fry dinner which was scheduled for around 4pm. We didn’t know until later on Wednesday that his wife Donna was celebrating his Birthday at the dinner. We were told there would be NO gifts, just bring a small dish to pass as there were going to be around 16 in attendance. A great opportunity to be introduced to their friends.

Our Canadian Neighbor Dave. Birthday boy with the large smile.

Dave is quite the fisherman, and had a freezer full of fresh White Fish that he had caught while in Florida this winter. Not only is he a great fisherman, but a #1 cook as he prepared the fish fry for at least 16 of us.

Wilma is getting some of the White Fish that Dave caught and deep fried for us.

I just have to get a photo of his Kayak with his fish finder mount. He does all his fishing from the Kayak or from shore.

Following the dinner, his wife Donna, brought out the birthday cake.

Photo's of Dave and some of his "Catch"

We all sang Happy Birthday to Dave and while he tried several times to blow out the candles, he finally succeeded. (Those candles that re-light when blown out)

Our Birthday Guy, Dave

Dave and Donna are from Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and there were 3 other couples from Canada and 3 couples from Michigan. Nice mix of people and a great time was had by all.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Captiva Beach

A beautiful day to spend some time at the Captiva Island Beach. So we loaded up the beach chairs, sunscreen, and shelling items and off we went to the beach yesterday.


On the way there is some of the prettiest Palm Trees, (in my opinion). We have noticed at least 3 species of Palm Trees in this area. The photo above shows the ones I like the best.

Wilma and I have been to the Captiva Island Beach several times, and we still get the thrill of the beach, the shells, and the surf.

Angel and Brooke rate this beach there first choice, although Brooke seemed to think the Englewood Beach a close tie to this one.


One thing this beach is known for is it’s shells. There never is any shortage of shells. A “Sheller's” dream come true.

Catching some sunshine

Loads of shells

After 3 hours on the beach it was time to leave and we headed out to get some sea food for an early dinner. Brooke wanted to try Crab legs. We headed for the local Red Lobster and she sampled Nana's and Angel’s Crab legs. Conclusion: She doesn’t like crab legs. Sick smile

Today we are lounging around the RV Park’s pool and taking it easy enjoying the low 80’s weather. Angel and Brooke will be on a flight home at 7am tomorrow morning. That means getting up around 3:45am to make the hour drive to the airport to get them there on time. They are really going to miss the warm weather here as when they get off the plane it will only be in the mid teen’s and will be going down to a low of around 7F. Monday night. Burr…

We have had a great time with Angel and Brooke and will miss them when they leave.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cold Front and Beach Day

Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and a cold front showed it’s cold face. The temperature last night got down in the mid 40’s and the high today only hit 70F.

Even with that temperature, plans were followed and we all headed out to the beach this morning. Brooke just had to see if she could find any Shark’s Teeth.

Getting her treasures

We all took a turn helping Brooke find her treasures.

NaNa and Pa help Brooke find some Sharks Teeth

Within about 3 hours, we all had enough sun for the day and left to come back home. The treasure hunt was a great success and Brooke is one very happy little girl.

Angel and Brooke enjoying their time on the beach

Today’s Treasures…

The Treasures

Sharks Teeth on the left of the photo above.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daughter Angel and Grand Daughter Brooke Arrive

We arrived at SW Florida Airport in Ft. Myers around 12:30PM for the arrival of Angel and Brooke. We found the “Cell Phone Parking Lot” where people can park for free and wait for a call from the people they are picking up. What a clever idea and it seemed to keep the flow of traffic at a un-congested level.

After picking them up, we headed for Ft. Myers Beach. Before heading to the beach, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

Restaurant at Ft. Myers Beach

After a delicious lunch, the “girls” headed for the shore to walk the beach and look for shells. Brooke came back with a hand full of shells. Both Angel and Brooke were just beside themselves after leaving Michigan this morning in the low 30’s and in the afternoon walking the beach in Florida with the temperature in the low 80’s.


This morning after breakfast we decided to visit Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda. Once again they just couldn’t believe the weather and the great scenery.

Entrance to Fishermens's Village

A great assortment of stores and restaurants inside. A must see for anyone who visits this area.

Where we had lunch

It wasn’t long and we were looking for a restaurant with a “water view”. We found one and had one great meal that Angel treated us to. Thank You Angel.

Our "Sea Side" table for lunch

What a great couple days we have had. The plan for tomorrow is head for Sanibel Island for more shelling.

Didn’t plan on talking so much about eating…Winking smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Great food, Great weather.

A couple days ago Wilma and I went to the local Wal-Mart's to do some grocery shopping. We found “garden fresh” tomato’s and couldn’t resist getting some. Fresh from the garden tomato’s in January in Michigan just isn’t heard of. We all know what those “other” want to be tomato’s from the hot houses taste like.

So that evening this is what we had for supper.

Garden Fresh tomato's in January!

Man O Man were those BLT’s tasting good! What a treat it was for us to have such fresh tomato’s in January.

This morning we sat outside under the awning drinking our coffee, when we remembered that the Park was having a Coffee and Donut gathering in the Club House at 8:30am. With our coffee cups in hand we headed out to join the other park residents for some fresh coffee and maybe a donut or two….or….. As it turned out to everyone’s disappointment there was no coffee or donuts. Seemed no one signed up for this weeks host. Oh well, they had a great informative gathering anyway. I asked “Carl” who was in charge of running the meeting how getting the coffee and donuts were handled. After telling us, we all headed over to the sign up sheet on the bulletin board. Seems the next week that is open for supplying the coffee and donuts is in the middle of April. Woops…we will be gone and headed back to Michigan by then. But at least I know how it’s handled for next year when we are planning on being here again.

This evening we decided to go out to dinner at Applebee's.

Trying to look cold when it's 83F.

I just had to look like it was cold here, especially since a friend of mine phoned me this morning and said it was just 16F back home. Here it hit in the low 80’s again with sunny skies. We are just loving it!

On our way home from Applebee's

Here is the proof. On our way home from Applebee’s this evening around 5:30PM. No….I didn’t take the photo, Wilma leaned over and took the photo while I kept both eyes on the road.

Wilma and I are both looking forward to a visit from daughter Angel and grand daughter Brooke. They will be arriving tomorrow around 1:45PM. They will be staying with us for  a few days. We are planning on a few beach trips, etc. while they are here. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Englewood, FL Beach Day

Today we finally got a chance to check out one of the local beaches. We chose Englewood Beach with the recommendation from our neighbor.

Heading for the Beach

We had a surprise from the State of Florida today. Everyone visiting the beach did not have to pay for parking! That always makes the visit a little nicer.

DON'T Rent the chairs! $7.50 per hour.

It wasn’t long and we found the “perfect” place to put up our umbrella and chairs.

Wilma Shelling

And Wilma headed to the waters edge for some shelling. This beach is another Gulf beach that is known for it’s shelling and crystal clear water.

Pelican gets a fish, Sea Gull watches on above him.

My favorite bird, the Pelican!

We had a great day at the beach today with the weather sunny and a temperature of 82F. with a slight breeze blowing. Perfect weather!

Dinner at Port Charlotte Cracker Barrel

On the way back home to the RV Park, we pass through a section of Port Charlotte. We just couldn’t pass up Cracker Barrel so we decided to stop and have an early dinner.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.