Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black & White Gala with Charitable Auction

Wilma and I were honored when asked by Greg and Sherry, our RV neighbors, if we would like to help them with the Black and White Gala. Even more honored when Sherry gave me a “matching Tux T-Shirt” so Greg and I would be a matching pair of bartenders.

Ready for the Party

Greg and I were to start the evening by having glasses of Wine available for all those who wished to have a complementary glass. After everyone had their seats, we were to attend the “bar” selling the soft drinks and beer for just 50 cents a can.

Getting ready to hand out a Free Glass Of Wine to everyone wanting a glass

The Bartenders are ready for the crowd

Sherry and Wilma were in charge of making the two “Spiked” punches that were also available free of charge.

Sherry & Wilma were in charge of making the Spiked Punch

The punch, both varieties, were a big hit by the crowd as several bowls of each were consumed prior to the Auction which followed dinner.

Lime Sherbert, Pineapple Juice, 7-Up and Vodka. THE OTHER PUNCH:  Orange Juice, Mountain Dew and Jim Beam

It was “volunteer package donations” that were used in the auction. Last year they raised around $1300.00 for local charities.

The donated gifts to be auctioned off for Charity

This year looked like it was going to be successful again by the number of donations that were received. (We had 2 folding camp chairs mailed to us a couple weeks ago, so we used the boxes they came in for our donated gifts, which are the two standing on the floor to the far left in the photo above).

A half hour before dinner was to start the crowd of ticket holders started to fill the Club House. Being called the “Black & White Gala” it was suggested everyone wear something black and white.

The Club House is starting to fill

The tables were all numbered, and the numbers were drawn one at a time, allowing a controlled number of people going to the counter and getting their plate filled with delicious food.

Donna, Sue, Nancy and Marilyn get the Salad's ready.

Speaking of dinner, what a delicious dinner we all had. Pork Tenderloin with baked potato, smothered in a mushroom sauce. Tossed salad, dinner roll, and cup cakes for desert. (Sorry we didn’t take a photo of the food). All this for the low ticket price of just $4.00!

Following dinner, the Auction began. Gifts were picked up one at a time for all to see, and the auctioneer began bids at $1.00. Most gifts went for anywhere between $5 and $103.00.

The Auction begins

Wilma and I were happy that our “gifts” were auctioned off for close to $80 for the two.

Still bidding on our gift

What fun we all had seeing what were in the packages that were bid for. Everyone knew that some of the gifts could be “gag” gifts, but some were quite useful also.

“Bill” shows off what was in the package that he bid on and won.

Bill shows off what was in his package that he bought.

We will be watching in the days ahead to see Bill walking through the RV Park with his new hat! Open-mouthed smile

The Auction was a huge success! They ended up raising a little over $2320.00 which will be divided up between 3 local charities.

Following the Auction, the DJ took over and the dance floor filled.

Dancing followed the Auction

For a little over an hour, the dancers “cut up the floor” dancing. Quiet hour is at 10PM so at that hour the DJ had to end the great music and dancing. What a fun time was had by all!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wilma’s Oil Painting- Windshield Leak

Wilma signed up to attend an “Oil Painting Class” which were 3 hours long each for 3 classes. She said she learned some painting terminology and technics on how to oil paint.

Wilma's 1st. Oil Painting

I am quite proud of her first painting, but of course she is her worst critic. She is very happy with the class and her painting that she has signed up for another class today, “Painting on Glass”. I’m anxiously waiting to see her new “painting on glass”!

Last week we had a slow rain for about 12 hours. It started in the late evening, lasted all night, and ended in mid morning. That morning I noticed a puddle of water on the dash of the Motorhome. The windshield is still leaking! So I ordered a roll of Black Eternabond Tape to make a final repair. I’ve been told by several RV neighbors and the manager, that in summer it rains here every day. A water leak as this, with the high heat and humidity, would start a mold colony. Something I don’t want to see next Winter when we return. 

I started in the early morning, around 8am, when the temperature was a comfortable 70 F. stripping off the old calking and getting the area between the glass windshield and the fiberglass roof cap clean and ready for the tape.

An inch between the Glass and Roof Cap where the leak is.

By the time I got the area ready for the tape, the temperature was up to 83F. with the sun beating down on me. A perfect time to have a heat stroke! So I waited until 6pm when the temperatures were back down to the mid 70’s to apply the Tape.

The existing "r;ubber molding" was put back over the tape

I’m confident now that the windshield leak problem is now fixed once and for all. (For those who may not know, the white mesh looking fabric on the windshield is my removable sun shield that covers the entire glass windshield)

Today it’s expected to go up to 86F. Wilma’s Glass Painting class should be completed by noon. After lunch we both are planning on taking a dip in the pool, a great way to keep cool on a warm day. Smile Ooops…sorry to my family and friends back home in Michigan who are battling the cold snow and winds.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Dinner

I wanted to take Wilma out to dinner to a special place for Valentines Day. We had asked several neighbors at the RV Park where a good “Sea Food” restaurant could be found. Dave, our Canadian neighbor, told us about Laishley Crab House. “A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it” was what he warned us.

We had some errands to do before dinner, and afterward I set the GPS to take us to Laishley Crab House.

Entrance to the Restaurant

As soon as you enter the outer door, you are greeted with the photo above. On both sides of this “wall” was a spiral oak staircase taking you upstairs to the restaurant. (These photo’s were taken with my phone, the reason for the lower quality).

The receptionist greeted Wilma with a Rose for Valentines Day and after asking if we would like a table inside or outside, we were escorted to a table inside, as the weather was cool and rainy.

Rose given to Wilma for Valentines Day

We ordered soup, Wilma the Clam Chowder and for myself, She Crab Soup. The waitress brought two orders of Clam Chowder by mistake, giving the extra bowl of soup to Wilma, and retrieved the “She Crab Soup” for me.

She Crab Soup

This was the very best “Crab soup” I’ve ever had!

Clam Chowder soup,

Too much clam chowder soup, so Wilma ended up taking the second bowl full home.

Then came our main course.

Wilma's Steak Dish

Wilma choose a Steak dinner, I chose the Lobster Lobster Lobster dish.

My Lobster Lobster Lobster dish.

We could tell immediately that these dishes were prepared by a “Real Chef” not those “hot grill cooks” you find at the local restaurants. Were these meals ever delicious!

Inside the Restaurant they even had a wine cellar.

The Wine Collection

The only thing that could have made this evening even better would have been to sit in the “Outdoor” dining area, where you had a view of the Peace River. The Peace River separates Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. The Peace River flows into Port Charlotte Bay which flows into the Gulf.

We both had a wonderful Valentines Day and look forward to more fun days here in beautiful Florida.

Until Next Time, Be Safe And God Bless.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frog in Shorts!

This afternoon I decided I would help Wilma out and finish taking down the laundry that was drying on the line under our awning. I headed for my pair of shorts.

Shorts hanging on cloths line where frog was hiding.

Imagine my surprise when I took off the first cloths pin and this little guy was looking at me.

Shorts were hanging on the laundry line and found this tiny frog

I have to admit….I did a little jig when I first saw him. Besides….when was the last time YOU found a live frog in your shorts!!????! Disappointed smile

I called for Wilma, who was inside the RV watching TV, to grab the camera and get a photo of “Freddie’s Frog” Smile

Frog in my hand
After a few photo’s, I took him to the bush next to our awning. It took a little coaxing but he finally jumped from my hand to a branch from the bush.

Within a couple minutes he started changing colors

He seemed to start changing colors to blend in with the bark of the branch.

Can you see the frog?

I’m sure he will be ok….as long as he doesn’t end up in Wilma’s laundry next week. No telling what might happen then, Wilma screaming…the frog and laundry flying through the air….wow…what a thought! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

A new experience for me today. Greg and I went over to Terry’s home and picked the remaining oranges off his tree. Terry told Greg we could have half of the oranges we pick, but he needed them picked because the tree was getting ready to blossom again.

Sorry, but we didn’t have the camera to get a photo of us both on the ladders picking the oranges. They don’t come off the tree like apples, you have to twist them until the stem breaks. Just pulling them could break the branches.

But we ended up with a couple buckets mostly full. A 5 gallon bucket ¾ full and my 3 gallon bucket ½ full.

Just picked off the Orange Tree.

I don’t know what “kind” of oranges these were, all I know is that they are “Juice” oranges.

Squeezing the Fresh Oranges

Greg and I agreed to share the amount of juice we get from the oranges. It wasn’t long and we both had ¾ of a gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice.

All I can say is that it is the Very Best Orange Juice I have ever tasted!

I just had an experience today that most Michiganders never get. And I know I never will forget it, especially now that’s it’s recorded in my Blog! Winking smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

PS: Can you tell I just got a hair cut a few days ago with that tan line? Embarrassed smile Looks like it’s time to “Hang out at the pool” again. Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Visit to Solomon’s Castle

Sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80’s today, we decided to make a visit to Solomon's Castle.

Howard Solomon is an internationally known sculptor. He started building his “Castle” some 45 years ago and to this day at 77 years of age, he still is constantly creating something.

Solomon with Wilma

It’s just amazing the creativity this man has. To imagine something in his mind and create it “from scrap”.

Walking from the parking area, up the winding road, you first notice the “Castle” through the Live Oak Trees.

First look at the Castle

Just to think that this man built this Castle by himself. We paid the $10 per person tour price and were happy with the complete tour of the Castle. Again we were set back in amazement by the stories we heard. We even were given a tour of Howards personal living area, his kitchen and living room.

Entrance guarded by Knights in Armour

There was just too many “Sculptures” in the Castle so we chose to take photo’s of a few of them.

Made from parts of an old Corn Planter

Elephant made from an Oil Drum, Husks are Manitee Ribs, Toes are Shells

After the tour we chose to have lunch in the “Boat in the Moat” restaurant. The Boat is about 65 feet in length and at least 2 stories high. All built by Howard, board by board. Great food, atmosphere, and prices.

The Boat in the Moat Restaurant

Boat in the Moat indoor restaurant

Outdoor Restaurant

Where we ate our lunch.

After a delicious lunch, it was time to take the 30 mile ride back “home” to our RV.

Exiting after a great tour and lunch

This ride took us past several Cattle Ranches. But what was more beautiful was the commercial Orange Groves.

The Orange Blossom Scent was amazing.

Acres upon acres of Orange Groves. I just couldn’t get enough of the scent from the orange blossoms as it entered the car with our windows rolled down.

Today was a great day and very memorable for both Wilma and I.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pool Time & A Rib Dinner Party

It has just been one of those “perfect days” for Wilma and I. But before I get to telling you about it, I just was in awe from the early morning sky a couple mornings ago while we were having our coffee outside.

Morning Sunshine Skies

Neat Looking clouds against the beautiful blue skies

The temperature was in the low 70’s by 9:30 am, and the skies were telling us it was going to be another beautiful day.

Today the weather predictions were for sunny skies and temps in the low 80’s. A perfect day for a jump in the pool. Today was dedicated to my close buddy Gary and his wife Cheryl.

The fake owl watches over us having fun

Warm weather, warm water, Palm Trees and Pool. Paradise!

After a few hours in the pool, we went back to the Motorhome to get ready for a Rib Dinner that we were invited to. Terry, who paid for all the ribs told us that there should be about 40 of his RV Park friends in attendance.

Sherry & Greg. Ribs smell delicious!

Terry, who bought the Ribs for everyone and organized the party

Everyone brought a dish to pass, and there was more food there than we all could eat.

The Food Table. More than everyone could eat!

Another Pina Colada Please #2

The lady mixing the drinks donated the assorted bottles of liquor. She really knew how to make those fancy fruity drinks that you find in the tropics!

After the meal, telling stories and lies :)

Gathering in groups

After everyone ate as much as they could, it was “story telling time”. The jokes and laughter was plentiful!

Yea! Made it back to the chair without falling! #4

"Dave" our 50/50 raffle guy

The mosquitos started to join us for the “blood letting” so we called it a night around 7:30pm.

It was another great day for us here at Oak Haven RV Park.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.