Monday, June 24, 2013

My New Toy Arrived Today

Today started with taking Wilma to our Eye Dr. As this was her first visit, I knew her eyes would be dilated and the sun was going to be shinning bright today. Her appointment was for 8am. We arrived 10 minutes early, but the office didn’t open until 8am sharp, so we waited in the lobby of the medical center building.

She signed in at 8am and within a few minutes she was called back to the exam room. Within 20 minutes she returned to the waiting area to wait for her eyes to become completely dilated. We waited, watched other patients come in after us and leave. Then around 9:20 am she was called back to be examined by the Dr. Needless to say, she was not very happy with the excessive wait.

From his office we made a stop at Kohl's. Seems there was a ladies bag she needed for our upcoming trip this week end to Mackinaw Island. Afterward there was a stop made at the  IHOP Restaurant for a lunch. Leaving the restaurant after a great lunch, we headed to our Chiropractor. Wilma has been having trouble the last few days with her neck and she was in need of an adjustment. Which went real well by the way.

By the time we arrived back home it was noon. I was told that my new toy would be delivered between noon and 1pm. Around 12:15pm the delivery of my new toy was made.

My New Toy!

I’ve been looking at several makes and models both at our local stores, Lowes and Home Depot for several weeks now. Also doing my homework on the internet. I made the choice for the Toro. Home Depot didn’t have the SS 3200 model so I headed for Bourlier and Sons Outdoor Equipment. I have purchased several lawn mowers and a snow blower from them before, and am very satisfied with their service and prices. In fact on the model I picked out they were the same as what Home Depot was charging.

Rear Bagger Kit includes a special blade and weight for the front.

The only experience I have had on a rider mower is the tractor versions. My brother advised me that I should seriously look at purchasing a Zero Turn mower unless I was planning on buying attachments like a snow blade or snow blower in the future. I took his advice and am glad I did.

How can you not like this toy!

There is a warning issued here. These machines take a little getting used to. They are nothing like the lawn “tractor” versions. Disappointed smile

I drove it up and down the driveway getting the feel of the two control arms. And does it ever take practice getting used to those control arms!

Smooth, quiet running 16 HP Engine

It kind of got me to thinking how it was like the first time I got behind the steering wheel of my Dad’s ‘56 Chevy with a standard transmission. I didn’t stall the engine but I was all over the drive way going in the opposite way I thought it was going to go. I wish now that Wilma would have had the video camera taking a video of me. Sending it in to Funniest Home Video’s, I just know it would have been a $100,000.00 winner! Even after cutting the entire lawn, I’m still not 100% confident with myself on it. I’m actually looking forward to the next time the lawn needs mowing. Maybe in a day or two ? Winking smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garden Problems

The garden was planted toward the end of May. Usually almost a month later my tomato plants are at least up to your knees or higher. Not this year though. I don’t know if it was a touch of frost that might have hit them when they were first planted, or maybe a sign of a bug chewing on them, even though I’ve kept very close watch looking for any type of insects, finding none.


The plants just were not looking very healthy. All 28 of them were very droopy. I did notice that in places on the stems it looked like the bark had been stripped off. I looked hard for any type of insects not finding any.

Looks like the "Bark" has been stripped

It was time for some stakes to help them “find the sky” and grow. Winking smile Plus a good healthy shot of some Rapid Grow fertilizer.

The very next day to my surprise most of them were standing straight up and beginning to look much more healthy.

Garden after a shot of Rapid Grow.

Today I’ve just got to give those weeds in my lawn, I believe them to be wild peppermint, a shot of weed killer. From there I will be heading for the garage to make room for an addition that I’m very excited about. I will give you an update in a few days. Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laundry Room

A little over a week ago it was decided that the laundry room just had to be painted and cleaned up. Wilma and I had previously talked about getting rid of our 30+ year old chest freezer from Montgomery Wards. Our electric supplier, DTE, has a re-cycling program. They will give you up to $125 for a large refrigerator/freezer. For my 18 cubic ft. chest freezer they would pay $40.00. The catch: the appliance MUST be running and operational. Mine did run and froze product, so arrangements were made and yesterday it was picked up and removed from our basement. It used to sit just to the left of the dryer in the laundry room.

With the freezer removed, the room looked even worse for needing some clean up and paint. I am having second thoughts about showing these “before and after” photo’s. Kind of ashamed of the look of our Basement Laundry Room, at least the “before photo’s”. Embarrassed smile But I guess everyone has the right to take a peek at our terrible laundry room.

So here it goes…

Looking into the Laundry Room. UGLY!!!

 Looking into Laundry Room after Fresh Paint and clean up.

Above shows the before and after looking into the Laundry Room from the rest of the basement. Below the photo’s were taken standing with my back against the wall next to the treadmill.

Freezer will be donated for recycling. Ugh...those ugly shelves!

The entrance of the Laundry Room.

Well, what ya think? There is a total of 5 gallons of white paint used on the walls and floor. It took 3 coats to get a good covering of paint. I think it’s looking much more acceptable now. Smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Grill

Today started out as a “I’m not going to do anything” day. That thinking lasted just about 3 hours and I got antsy enough to get off my rear end and find something that needed to be done.

Seeing how I have at least 3 different “jobs” needing to be done or completed, I decided to finish work on the Grill.

Last week I started the grill project by taking it apart and looking on the internet for replacement parts. I knew the cast iron burner was shot, but I really needed to get a close look at the rest of the parts. Sure enough the Burner was shot, along with the twin venturi, steel grate, and igniter. Amazon had the parts, plus free shipping and NO tax! That’s a for sure sale, so the order was placed. Prompt delivery within 5 days and I was happy with what was delivered.

So today I figured it would be a very easy repair starting with a good power wash.

Ready for a Power Wash

Wilma brought out her car mats for a good power was also. Boy did they ever need it, as did the grill.

After power washing, I took another close look at the old parts next to the new parts. Making sure everything would fit.

Old burner, grate and igniter

Reading some of the ratings from people that had ordered these parts, I knew the burner wasn’t an exact replacement, but close enough.

New next to Old

So the install began…….Three hours later the grill was all re-assembled with the new parts. Test fired great. Job well done. Now for some “I’m not doing nothing today”. Winking smile

Oh yes…. Got the First Rose off our new bushes yesterday. Cut it from the plant, removed the thorns and gave it to my Hon. Open-mouthed smile

1st. Rose

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tomato Plants, Lawn Furniture and Birds

I noticed this years first Tomato blossoms on the plants. That’s good to see as just last week we did have a frost. Some of the tomato plants were showing signs of frost damage, with the lower leaves turning yellow and brown.

Some frost damage, but now has a blossom

First blossoms

So it looks like this years plans for many jars of homemade Salsa will be fulfilled. Smile

I finally was able to find time to finish painting our Cast Iron yard furniture. It only took me about 3 weeks since I power washed them. Embarrassed smile

Old Cast Iron yard furniture just after a good power washing.

It looks a little more presentable now with a fresh coat of paint and in our “Studio” as a neighbor kid refers to this area.

Cast Iron bench and chair after paint

Didn’t notice it when I took the photo, but my patio is a mess! I’m going to have to get busy on it.

As I was taking the photo of the furniture, a small bird flew into the old bird house located just to the left of the bench.

Our Old Bird house, now has a finch nest inside

Nest material inside

I stood there waiting to get a look at him but the bird didn’t come out. They are slightly larger than the bright yellow finches we normally see, and has a great song he sings. I found this photo on the web of what I think he is.

Our tenant in birdhouseUntil next time, be safe and God Bless.