Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let The Healing Begin.

As others are out celebrating this beautiful weather and the holiday, I’m at home healing from my recent back surgery with the biggest smile on my face.

Two days ago, on Friday I arrived at the Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital for my back surgery. Praying that this day would be the last day with this terrible Sciatic nerve pain going down my right leg and foot.

It wasn’t long after arrival that we were called back to the surgery prep area. Wilma, Angel and Brooke joined me when I was ready in the room. The surgery team all came in and introduced themselves, and explained what each would do during the surgery. I thought that was great, and it eased my nerves a little.

Ready for a great sleep. The team didn’t take long to get me ready for surgery, especially the anthesis nurse. When I saw the size of the needle she was going to put in my vein I almost passed out laying down! She assured me that I wouldn’t feel anything as she was first going to numb the area.

Soon the kids said their good by to me and Wilma gave me her re-assuring kiss.

Kiss before Back Surgery I then knew I would be ok, and soon after, it was “Lights Out”! I awoke in the recovery room about 2 hours later, still in a haze. Taken to my room where I was afraid to move for almost 10 hours.

I laid on my left side, like I have been for the past 5 months, fearing that when I move I would still feel the terrible pain down my right leg. Finally the male nurse and his male helper talked me into getting out of bed around 9pm. As I first stood up vertical, the most amazing feeling I had. NO MORE PAIN! I could feel a slight burning sensation at the incision area, and that was it. I asked for my cane, and took my first two steps. With no pain at all, I continued. Even the nurse was amazed that I wasn’t feeling more pain than what I said I was having. I only gave it a rating of 1 out of 10.

The healing had begun. The surgery at this point seems to be a complete success! I’m following the Dr.’s orders. NO BLT. (bending, lifting or twisting) until further notice which should be in a couple weeks when I see him again.

So this is a thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all those who prayed for me. For without Him, it would not have been possible.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MRI Shows Why I've Been In Pain Since January

In the past 2 months I've had 2 MRI's taken by two different local hospitals. The first MRI, taken at McLaren Hospital last February didn't show a quality result, thus leading the Neurosurgeons to not see exactly why I was having all the Sciatica pain. They gave the Orthopedic Surgeon the ok to go forward with the total right hip replacement.

Long story short, I now have a new right hip, but because of the intense Sciatica pain, I cannot fully enjoy the outcome.

I then went to Dr. Olsen, a Neurosurgeon that was recommended to me from a friend. She had almost the same problem as I'm having, and her surgery was a complete success. Dr. Olsen looked at the MRI that was taken and said it was in very poor quality, and he could not see what was causing all the pain. He asked if I would be willing to go through another MRI from the hospital he works out of. Absolutely was my answer. Another MRI was taken last week, and yesterday I had my appointment with Dr. Olsen to go over the new MRI results.

It didn't take him long to pinpoint the problem. Even I, without a trained eye, could visually see the difference in quality. He pointed out the herniated disc of L5. Inside the spinal column you could actually see the disc pushing up against the nerve! "I believe that's what is causing all your pain" was his exact words. Words that I've been looking forward to hearing for a long long time.

He works out of Beaumont Hospitals, he asked me if I had a preference as to which Hospital I would like to have the surgery. In turn I asked which one he prefers, which he responded the Royal Oak Hospital. "Well that's the one I would like to go to then" was my reply.

As of today appointments have been made to get my "pre operative" tests done. Next Tuesday is my primary care Dr.'s appointment to complete those. Then it's a go for the surgery anytime after.

I'm praying that the surgery will be a success, and I finally will have the relief of the pain I've been having since this past January, some 18 weeks ago.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Web site/App I’ll be using

When it comes to apps for our HP Chromebook, there aren’t too many that I find very useful. But this one is one that I’m going to be able to use, and I think you may also want to consider it.

It’s called Print Friendly. It even has an app for those using the Chrome browser, which I use on all our computers.

What it does is allow you to print a web page, without all the clutter you get if you just right click on a web page and click print.

It also allows you to edit the page, deleting items you don’t want printed. Easy, Free, and it works!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Health Update

Many of my readers have been asking “What’s going on with you?”

The Physical Therapy didn’t work out very well. The trainers needed to get my right leg back to normal after the total hip replacement. The sciatica nerve extreme pain kept us from completing the training.

A slight infection started at the incision on the hip, but has been cured with antibiotics. Hip, leg and foot pain still severe. Taking 2 different kinds of pain meds is what has been keeping me going for the past couple of months.

Three weeks ago I made the call to a Neurosurgeon to get my MRI looked at for a diagnosis. This morning I had two Dr. appointments. The first to the surgeon who replaced my hip. He said I was doing great. I asked him to show me exactly where the sciatic nerve goes down the leg. After showing me exactly where it is, I’m convinced that all the pain I’m getting now is from the Sciatic nerve. I mentioned that I was now on my way to see the Neurosurgeon to get an exam and prognosis on my condition. He said that if he wants to do surgery, he gives him a green light.

The Neurosurgeon, Dr. Olson, gave me a complete exam. Looked closely at the last MRI’s I had that are a few months old. I told him that the pain seems to be getting worse by the week, and if I didn’t have my pain pills I’d have to be hospitalized. He wanted a new MRI taken and to return.

I have an appointment this Thursday for another MRI. Next Tuesday I go back to Dr. Olson for his recommendation. I’m sure it will require surgery. I just pray that if I have to go through surgery, that this pain will stop completely.

I’ll keep you all posted.