Sunday, March 12, 2017

Heading Home In 3 Weeks, Where Has The Time Gone

Everyone here at the RV Park in Florida is starting to talk about getting ready to head home. Everyone is saying pretty much the same thing, “Where has the time gone?”

We figured for us that the month of January was a loss because Wilma felt so bad. The Shingles side effects just wouldn’t let go and she was exhausted by the middle of the day. She didn’t start to feeling like herself until the first week in February.

We were getting excited and ready to have Angel and Brooke come down for a visit toward the end of February. They were to arrive on Tuesday the 21st. Everything was going great until the day before when I came down with the flu bug going around the RV Park.  Spent most of the week in bed. Wilma took over to take them to their favorite beaches. Even with me not feeling so well, Angel and Brooke had a great time while here.20170222 The Moose

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a surprise Birthday party for Angel!


Quite surprised she will remember this birthday for many many years to come. By now I was starting to feel much better. 20170226_113955_001

Angel and Brooke arrived back home safe and sound, back in the cold Michigan winter. It wasn’t long after they left and Wilma came down with the dreaded “campground crud”. She started taking Benadryl the very first day and her bout with the flu lasted about 3 days before she was feeling well enough to sit under the awning and enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

In a few days we headed out to Pottery Express to look around. Saw nothing that we couldn’t live without but it was a great time to get out and away from the 5th. wheel. 20170304_122843


We celebrated another birthday today. Our friend and neighbor Cherie. I talked with Greg her husband and he was taking her out to dinner Saturday night for her birthday. I asked if we could through a surprise get together at his place when they return from church on Sunday. He thought it was a great idea, so that is what we did this afternoon. Here she is arriving and noticing all of us gathered and the Birthday banners. 20170312_120524




Yet another “Surprise” birthday celebration was attended by many of our close friends. Cherie was totally surprised and had a great time, as we all did. Temps were in the mid 80’s so we had to keep chasing the shade from one site to another to stay cool.

Next Friday is the scheduled St. Patrick’s Day feast at the Moose. Corned beef and cabbage will be on the menu and there are 23 of us going with reservations for dinner. Sounds like another great evening.

After that event is the final RV Park event, The going home can party. Through the season the park furnishes an open dumpster for everyone to deposit their aluminum cans. At the end of the season all the money collected from recycling the aluminum cans is used to throw a party. Beverages are available, along with munchies and music. And every year a few end up in the pool with all clothes on. As we will be departing a couple days later for the drive home, we usually take it very easy at that function.

So this season has passed by pretty fast. We are not in a hurry to get home but we both know that when we do get home it feels right to us. We are both looking forward to the trip home to see our family once again.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.