A little about Us.

First we have my best friend, my soul mate, 
my wife, Wilma.

During my military time in the US Navy from 1968 until 1972, I had the opportunity to go on a "Blind Date" to a state I had never been before, Kentucky. That blind date was with Wilma, who was the third cousin of my best friend while in the Navy. I was raised in Michigan, so when the opportunity arose to go on this blind date I was very excited.

The first time we locked eyes on each other, we both just knew it was true love. The year was 1969. She stayed at home in Kentucky, I returned to my ship in Virginia. I departed for the Mediterranean Sea shortly after meeting her for a tour of 7 months. Upon arriving back in Virginia, I returned to Kentucky to marry Wilma.

It was a very warm and humid day, that July 12th. But with our excitement, and love for each other, we really didn't notice. Our life together had just begun.

We didn't have a "fancy" wedding. From the church we returned to her Mom and Dads home, where we had our reception.

Our honeymoon was spent at a resort called "Kentuck Territory". A tourist attraction area mimicking an old western town. Today, in 2010, Kentuck Territory is no longer there.

Our wedding pictures were taken with a Kodak 110 Insta-Matic film camera. Couldn't afford a photographer. We still look at those pictures and treasure them as if they were Gold.

We were blessed with two children. Both daughters. First came Angela, aka Angel. Three years later, Tina arrived.

From our two daughters, we are blessed with five Grand children. Haley, Dakota, Rebecca, Brooke, and Savannah.

This completes our family.